Telescopic pole CARBONE -3K 

Special KIT Asian Hornet 

Discover our new model specially designed to fight the Asian Hornet. This 3K carbon telescopic pole with its control handle, kickstand and camera kit will allow you to destroy nests installed more than 16 m without any difficulty. With the help of a compressor or our Autonomous Kit, you can send the biocide directly into the nests. This telescopic pole differs from the model CARBONE - GLASS by its carbon 3K rigidity, but also by its scalability.. Indeed additional options are available to diversify its capabilities!
Most of the CARBON 3K boom!
Main innovations compared to carbon glass boom :
- Fully carbon 3k so much stiffer !
- The inner clamping rings are protected in a groove. As a result, they are not severed during a too abrupt retreat of the pole.
- Rubber seal between each ring to avoid pinching when the boom folds.
- Dehumidifier attached to the kickstand by two clips for quick assembly / disassembly.
- ¼ turn lathe rings machined with great precision in aeronautical aluminum. Anodized red to improve their visibility in the branches.
- The control handle (powder / air) is positionable at the desired height on the boom.
- The interface handle is scalable. You can easily add our different options according to your needs (Video screen, pneumatic pruning switch, ...)
- Handle and stand are protected by thermo lacquering (powder paint EPOXY baked after application). This surface treatment improves their impact resistance and their service life.
- The removable brass tip allows you to quickly change the hose from powder to liquid. For example, you can switch from an Asian hornet powder configuration to liquid "spray" facades or roofs.

Perche telescopique en carbone HI-MOD PRO
description pole carbon 3k
Technical characteristics
- Folded length 2.4 m
- Unfolded length 15.6 m 
- 11 carbon tubes of different diameters held by 10 sets of clamping rings 
- Weight 5.9 Kg
- Pressure required 6 bar
- Inner pipe, no risk of snagging in the branches

  • Fiabilité 
  • Technical tips 
  • Very limited physical impact 
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Scalability 
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