Special KIT Asian Hornet 

Adaptable to our

Telescopic pole CARBON HI-MOD 

Discover our KIT specially designed to fight against Asian Hornet. The HI-MOD carbon telescopic pole, once equipped with its control handle, kickstand and camera kit, will allow you todestroy nests installed more than 16 m without any difficulty. With the help of a compressor or our Kit autonomous, you can send the biocide directly in the nests.
Principle of operation
The telescopic pole is connected to a compressor or to our AUTONOMOUS KIT which generates pressurized air. This energy is directed towards the powder filled with biocide. By activating the independent pilot valves, the system composed of different pneumatic elements, will mix the biocide with air and the pressure will allow to carry the whole to the end of the pole. The diffusion of the air-biocide mixture is carried out by the sting. By its specific design, it will distribute it within the different layers of the nest.

Pole carbon 3K airadik
Command handle
description handle
stainless steel sting
sting 1
sting 2
descriptive sting
Poudreuse DR5
Duster modified by us to improve its functioning and to adapt it to the powder of high powder.
  • Modification of internal elements to increase the flow. 
  • Change of the air intake system to allow continuous diffusion. 
  • Modification in 6 bars to reach 30m (guaranteed only with our hoses.)
  • Additional confidential technical changes

Composition of KIT HORNET
The high-end KIT for the destruction of Asian hornet nests for professional pest control
Air supply by compressor connection (not supplied) or our standalone kit (available as an option, see below)
  • Perche 3K
  • Handle with connectors and hoses
  • Stand with regulator filter
  • Sting
  • 30 m of hose
  • DR5 powder modified 6 bars
  • KIT SAV (replacement connectors)
Kit frelon asiatique
Kit frelon asiatique
Needle destructor
Thanks to its wings, this sting will allow you to destroy the nest without having to fold the pole.
Aiguillon destructor
Thanks to its wings, this sting will allow you to destroy the nest without having to fold the pole.
With this Standalone Kit, there is no need for a compressor. You can move wherever you want with an air capacity allowing you the destruction of at least 3 nests.
Kit autonome 1
Kit autonome 2
This VIDEO KIT, made of a 7 "screen of a pair of glasses with integrated right eye, a miniature camera, a led lamp and a laser pointer, you will be able to see precisely what is happening at butt the pole.
And all this even more than 30 m !

Need to destroy a nest hanging under a roof overhang? The ROULEX'UP, rolling along the wall will allow you to lengthen the pole without difficulty, without risk of friction and safely.
Need to go even higher? br /> Thanks to these extensions in 3K carbon you can exceed 30 m!
- Length 1.5 m
- Carbon 3K
- Adaptable to our pole CARBON-3K
- Weight 1 Kg

mini flex
Flexible spout for powder coating
Length 54 cm
Reinforced flexible hose with shape memory