KIT Special Processionary caterpillar

Adaptable to our

Telescopic pole CARBON -3K 

Free yourself !
With this Standalone Kit, there is no need for a compressor. You can move wherever you want with an air capacity allowing you the destruction of at least 3 nests.
The 12L bottle is used to store compressed air to fill the 3L bottle.
Optionally we can supply the filled bottles at a pressure of 300 Bars.
kit autonome frelon 2
kit autonome frelon
kit autonome descriptif
kit autonome 3d 1
kit autonome 3d 2
Composition of KIT
  • Back support
  • Bottle 3L - 300 Bars with pressure reducer and manometer
  • Powder DR5 modified 6 bars
  • Bottle 12L - 300 Bars with transfer lyre
  • Flexible manometer
  • Adjustment key of the regulator
Bottle support 
These supports, installed in your vehicle or other, will keep your bottles during the transport.
support bouteille 1
support bouteille 3
support bouteille 2