KIT Special Processionary caterpillar

Adaptable to our

Telescopic pole CARBON -3K 

Free yourself !
With this Standalone Kit, there is no need for a compressor. You can move wherever you want with an air capacity allowing you the destruction of at least 3 nests.
The 12L bottle is used to store compressed air to fill the 3L bottle.
For safety reasons during transport, the bottles supplied are not under pressure. The air must be pressurized in the bottle with a 300-bar compressor that we can supply on request. Otherwise we advise you to get closer   a diving club, shooting club (paintball), fire station, ... 
kit autonome frelon 2
kit autonome frelon
kit autonome descriptif
kit autonome 3d 1
kit autonome 3d 2
Composition of KIT
  • Back support
  • Bottle 3L - 300 Bars with pressure reducer and manometer
  • Powder DR5 modified 6 bars
  • Bottle 12L - 300 Bars with transfer lyre
  • Flexible manometer
  • Adjustment key of the regulator
Bottle support 
These supports, installed in your vehicle or other, will keep your bottles during the transport.
support bouteille 1
support bouteille 3
support bouteille 2