LAIRadik History

AIRadik créé par William CAUMETTE
specialized in real estate diagnosis,
rat control and disinsection for more than 10 years.

Where it all began...
After a few months on the ground destroying nests of Asian hornets, William quickly realized that the material needed was really specific. After acquiring several standard pole models, none of them were really suitable. 

He searched on the net, an existing solution, but to no avail.

From this observation was born the first prototype. On the basis of a standard pole, he has developed several tools to facilitate and improve the efficiency of his work. Magrès everything, the whole was far from being really practical. He decided to approach a professional to submit his needs and implement the first pole model specifically designed for the destruction of Asian hornet nests.

Once the efficacy of the product is approved, why not market it for the benefit of all its colleagues.

Finally an effective solution to fight against this invader Asian hornet, and to avoid its profiling.

AIRadik est donc né !
After 3 years of feedback from customer testers, the model CARBON -3K  was developed. This pole, made entirely of carbon,  with its rigidity and exeptional lightness, full of technical tricks and accompanied by its self-contained kit is now an effective rewire!

In parallel with other accessories have been developed to meet the various constraints. So we now find a VIDEO KIT, to see what is happening at the top of the pole more than 30m!
The AUTONOMOUS KIT which allows to move where one wishes in all autonomy with a capacity of destruction of at least 3 nests.
The ROULEX'UP which allows to climb the pole along a wall without risk of slipping.
DESTRUCTOR STING to destroy the nest without folding the pole. But also extensions to hoist the pole beyond 30 m. 
Other products are under development, such as the SNAKE, flexible boom allowing access in chimney ducts, with an integrated camera and a led lamp.
Very soon we will be offering products to fight against processionary caterpillars and the red weevil palm tree.

Always keeping in mind the importance of local manufacturing, a large majority of products AIRadik  is designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in the south of France, more precisely in Tarn and Aveyron.

Bees are an essential link in biodiversity and the food chain, in the balance of our planet, AIRadik  actively participates in this fight through the development and distribution of its products.

" I was tired of putting two hours to destroy a nest! We had to find a solution. So I decided to create my own telescopic pole.."
" Now I offer the opportunity to my colleagues to destroy a nest of hornets in a few tens of minutes with great ease."
" Bees are an essential link in the biodiversity of our planet and the survival of species, by designing and distributing my products, I contribute, on my scale, to their protection."
Do you know
diatomaceous earth?

Need a 100% natural biological treatment?
William CAUMETTE, ne of the precursors in France of the use of diatomaceous earth for the fight against pests, offers you his knowledge about this process.
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