KIT Special Processionary caterpillar

Adaptable to our

Telescopic pole CARBON HI-MOD 

Discover our KIT specially designed to fight against processionary caterpillars. The telescopic pole in  carbon HI-MOD, once equipped with its ladder will allow you to destroy nests more than 15 m away. Thanks to its proven efficiency scoring system, selected by AIRadik for its qualities, you will cut the branches infected by the nests with ease. Also equipped with a quick-release reel, you will easily unwind the necessary length of rope.
pole carbon 3k Processionary caterpillar
Technical characteristics

A pruning :

- Fully tempered blade, double bevel angle 
- Counterblade is made of hardened steel 
- Anti-sap scraper so that the blade does not stick 
- Levered, triple action multiplied, reduces fatigue 
- An arbor saw blade can be mounted on this staircase 
- Spare part available
- Diameter of cut 40 mm
Reel :
- Structure in machined Delrin, stainless steel and aluminum
- 25m rope Ø4 mm high strength
-Quick fixing on the pole by stainless steel clips coated with anti-slip PVC
Handle :
-Ratchet handle for easy adjustment
- Aluminum-magnesium alloy, extremely lightweight and durable
- Large, ergonomic and overmoulded it offers a comfortable and powerful grip.
Composition of KIT processionary caterpillar
The basic KIT for the destruction of processionary caterpillars
  • A pruning
  • Clips and guide rings of the rope
  • Reel
  • 25m of rope
  • Handle
This  VIDEO KIT, composed of a 7 "screen,  a pair of right eye integrated vision glasses, a miniature camera, a led lamp and a laser pointer will allow you to see precisely what happens at the end of the pole.
And all this even more than 30 m !

Need to go even higher?
Thanks to these extensions in 3K carbon you will be able to exceed 30 m!
- Length 1.5 m
- Carbon 3K
- Adaptable to our pole CARBON-3K
- Weight 1 Kg