KIT Special spraying roofs and facades

Adaptable to our

Telescopic pole CARBON HI-MODK 

Discover our KIT specialy designed to treat the roofs and facades of buildingsThe HI-MOD carbon telescopic pole, once equipped with its 3-nozzle spray boom and its roulex'Up, will allow you to treat safely. Equipped with a battery electric sprayer of 15L, 50L, 75L or 130L (optional) you can move from roof to roof with ease.
Principe de fonctionnement
The telescopic pole is connected to electric battery sprayer. Using the roulex'Up, the pole and deployed along the roof or facade. Thanks to its wide spray boom and its three nozzles, you will deal in record time! The processing time is greatly reduced, you can achieve a larger number of projects in the same day.
pole carbon 3k Processionary caterpillar
Technical characteristics

Spray boom :

- Sealed welded stainless steel assembly
- Width of the ramp 800mm
- Treatment width from 1000 to 1200mm according to settings
- 3 adjustable brass nozzles, flat jet
- Connection thread 1/4 GAZ
- Weight 450 gr
Roulex'Up :
- Specially designed for rolling on smooth facades or tiled roofs
-Adjustable length
- Quick mounting on the pole thanks to its eccentric lever
- Very light, powder-coated aluminum structure and stainless steel
- Wheight 440 gr
See the page ROULEX'UP
Control valve :
- Stainless steel clips with anti-slip PVC coating
- Quick assembly by simple clips
- 2 Push-in fittings for quick pipe connection
Composition of SPRAY KIT
The basic KIT for the treatment of roofs and facades of buildings.
  • Spray boom
  • Roulex'Up roofing
  • Control valve
  • 25 m of tubing
Sprayer 15l
Battery electric sprayer
Electronic control
Pressure adjustment continuously from 0.5 to 6 bar
Protection program for the pump and the battery
Unloaded weight 4.4Kg
Many spare parts available in SAV

Sprayer 50l
Battery electric sprayer
Heavy duty wheels with locking brake
Electronic control
Pressure adjustment continuously from 1 to 10 bar
Autonomy from 4 to 14H depending on the pressure
Protection program for the pump and the battery
Many spare parts available in SAV
Sprayer 75 and 130l
We can also provide you with larger capacity sprayers on request.
Need to go even higher? br /> Thanks to these extensions in 3K carbon you can exceed 30 m!
- Length 1.5 m
- Carbon 3K
- Adaptable to our pole CARBON-3K
- Weight 1 Kg