You have different needs from the solutions we offer ?

We put at your disposal the technology of our poles
Our poles are also sold bare so you can customize them as you please. The standard tip will allow you to screw or adapt the tool of your choice.

On request, many options can be added:
- Push-in connection for connecting the inner pipe
- Inner pipe 3 m
- Additional hose, length of your choice
- Miscellaneous fittings
- Boom tip tailored to your needs  

bout de perche
perche carbon-3k
High rigidity
The CARBON-3K pole, thanks to its ease of use thanks to its 1/4 turn tightening rings, rigidity and low weight, makes it easy to reach the 16 m.
- Folded length 2.4 m
- Unfolded length 15.6 m 
-11 3K carbon tubes of different diameters held by 10 sets of coated aluminum clamping rings (anodizing and chemical nickel)
- End of pole in brass threaded 1/4 GAZ
- Weight 5.9 Kg

Extension 3K
Always higher !
Need to go even higher ?
Thanks to these extensions in 3K carbon, fitted on your pole, you can exceed 30 m!
- Length 1.55 m
- Carbon 3K
- Adaptable to all our poles
- Weight 1 Kg