Telescopic pole CARBON -3K 

KIT Special Processionary caterpillar

Discover our model specially designed to fight against processionary caterpillar.  This 3K carbon telescopic pole with its control handle and kickstand will allow you to destroy nests installed more than 10 m.With the Kit camera you will be able to destroy the nests still higher. With the help of a compressor or our Autonomous Kit and thanks to his secateur installed at the end of the pole you can cut the branches on which the nests are hung. 
pole carbon 3k Processionary caterpillar
Principle of operation
The telescopic boom is connected to a compressor or our AUTONOMOUS KIT which generates air under pressure. This energy is directed to the pruner screwed to the end of the pole. Thanks to the switch on the handle, you can easily open and close the blade. Cut the branch supporting the nest, it will fall to the ground. You will only have to destroy it to avoid the proliferation of caterpillars. Beyond 10 m, we strongly recommend the use of VIDEO KIT.

Technical characteristics
Perche :
- Folded length 2.4 m
- Unfolded length 15.6 m 
- 11 carbon tubes of different diameters held by 10 sets of clamping rings  
- Weight 5.9 Kg
- Inner pipe, no risk of snagging in the branches
Secateur :
- Weight 510 grs
- Diameter of cut 32 mm
- Carbon structure
- Forged steel blade
- Pressure required 9 bar

  • Fiabilité 
  • Technical tips  
  • Very limited physical impact 
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Evolutivité 
descriptif perche carbon 3k
bout de perche carbon 3K
bout de perche carbon 3K 2
Command handle
descriptif poignee
bequille descriptif
Composition of CARBON KIT -3K processionary caterpillar
The basic KIT for the destruction of processionary caterpillars
Air supply by connection to a compressor (not supplied) or our standalone kit (available as an option, see below)
  • Perche 3K
  • Handle with connectors and hoses
  • Stand with regulator filter
  • Secateur
  • 30 m of pipe
  • KIT SAV (replacement connectors)
With this Standalone Kit, there is no need for a compressor. You can move wherever you want.
This  VIDEO KIT, composed of a 7 "screen,  a pair of right eye integrated vision glasses, a miniature camera, a led lamp and a laser pointer will allow you to see precisely what happens at the end of the pole.
And all this even more than 30 m !

Need to go even higher?
Thanks to these extensions in 3K carbon you will be able to exceed 30 m!
- Length 1.5 m
- Carbon 3K
- Adaptable to our pole CARBON-3K
- Weight 1 Kg